India In Chaos


K. K. Venugopal
Supreme Court of india
Attorney General for India

Dear Shri K.C. Agrawal,
The book is a deep introspection into the maladies facing our country, and attempts to curate a solution. On a fundamental level, I would agree that the key is to establish a responsible and accountable system of governance at the state and union level. I have for long argued that the Supreme Court must act as a Constitutional Court as originally envisaged under the Constitution instead of acting as a mere court of appeal. This would ensure that matters of constitutional importance and interpretation are decided in a timely manner.

I also find that you have given much thought and painstakingly provided a framework for the country to bring in ‘a new dawn’. Your concept of self-reliant ‘city centres’ by clubbing a few villages together is interesting and certainly unique to the Indian model of governance.