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What are the three major reasons responsible for poverty in India?

To take care of the affairs of a nation and welfare of the people, is the lone and ardent incumbency of the governing guardians of a nation. The main reason of poverty and illiteracy in India is a gross and perennial failures of our governing guardians (Legislature & Executive).

Surely our guardians have fumbled in discharging their basic obligations towards the nation and the welfare of the people. It has pushed the people of India to utter illiteracy and poverty. The reasons are many, but why our guardians could not do what they were expected to do can be summarized as below.

Indian voters are not able to elect worthy guardians (Legislators) due to India’s irrational, despotic and destructive ‘electoral due process’. Some examples;

  • India’s election campaigns permit, ever rising and never ending irrational freebies, hand-outs, quotas and reservations and so on. It masks the ability of a candidate and instead of constructive work, our guardians govern the nation on freebies and quotas. Our illiteracy and poverty is glaringly conspicuous.
  • Rising nagging, accusing and denouncing the opposite parties. It is uncivilized and fratricidal and splinters the nation. Such elected guardians can hardly do good for the integrity and sovereignty of India and welfare of the people.
  • Rising tainted guardians in our governance is a glaring omen in due governance. Normally, one may not hire such persons even for small jobs at homes and offices, tainted guardians can govern a mammoth nation like India. It gives rise to crimes, rapes, law and order problems etc.
  • For more please refer the book, ‘India in chaos, Only Judiciary can save’

    As a consequence, India’s rural and backward areas remain rural & backward, and keep migrating to urban areas in search of living, while our guardians are incapable to address this menace.


    INFERENCE - Worthy Guardians Is An Urgent Necessity To Save The Nation. K C Agrawal

    How Can Judiciary Ensure Implementation Of India’s Constitution By Its Governing Guardians?
    (Answer On Quora By K C AGRAWAL)

    Yes! Judiciary surely can, because Judiciary is the custodian and implementer of the Constitution.

    To achieve this the first and foremost is to establish responsible and accountable governments at the States and the Union capable to doing so.

    Since establishing the governments is a subject matter of the Constitution, the Judiciary can indeed play a guiding guardian to establish such governments by reforming our ‘electoral due process’ to elect worthy guardians capable to doing so.

    Some of the vital ‘electoral reforms’ are noted below;

    - Stop freebies: to help elect worthy guardians and save nation’s precious Wealth on non-productive freebies and irrational promises to the voters during States’ & Union elections at the cost of development.

    - Stop nagging and denouncing the opposite parties: because it germinates fratricidal instincts among the people of the land.

    - Banish criminalization of politics: because by no stretch of imagination criminalization can be for the welfare of the people (abuse to Article 13 of the Constitution).

    - Learned Judiciary to play a ‘third eye’: to uphold the dignity and reverence of our Constitution

    Electoral reforms: shall open up all constrictions for unbounded progress of the nation. My book,’ India in chaos, only Judiciary can save’ in Part-3 provides a resolute and unswerving presentation of all this to pull the nation out from its shambles to a glorious tomorrow.


    INFERENCE - By electoral reforms, Judiciary can indeed help voters elect worthy guardian who are sincere and capable to implementing the Constitution. K C AGRAWAL