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About 30% driving licences in India are fake (Nitin Gadkari). How should the government stop this menace?

When will Indian politicians be completely inclined towards national development rather than self-development?

What is your plan of action to make India a developed Nation (Assume you got all decision making powers)?

What is “Indian democracy”, actually?

Why are farmers poor in India whereas in other countries farmers are in good financial condition?

What is the remedy to the Indian farmers committing suicide?


Do you think India can ever be developed?

What are your suggestions to clean Indian politics?

What are some of the eye opening facts about Indian education system?

What do you think is the best way to reduce underemployment in India?

Do you think that India will be a developed country in 2020 by comparing the present situation and incidents?

What are the important issues India might be having under its bureaucracy system or any other issue related to political economics?

Why do majority of people selected in civil services, who are super brains of India, instead of eliminating corruption themselves become corrupt?

What is something that sucks about living in India?

Is giving Rs 72,000 per year only the solution to prevent poverty in India?

Why does India not improve its currency and make it the strongest in the world?

Why Indian government never reached at the basic needs of the people's?

In what ways are the IAS officers responsible for the poverty and illiteracy of the people?

What is needed for India to break the shackles of being an underdeveloped country?

Will India attain peace and be more developed if India becomes a Hindu Nation?

What, according to you, are some of India's biggest problems?

Why is ignorance of the law not an excuse even though it’s almost impossible for the average person to know all the laws?

What is the most surprising culture you see in India?

Why do you still believe in the idea of India?

There is a huge unemployment in India, what suggestion would you like to give to overcome this problem?

What is wrong with the Indian education system in 2019 ? Why is government not taking any step to improve it?

How is it possible that many high level jobs are still unfilled though people are facing unemployment in India?

How can technology help in rural area development?

Does increase in GDP always a true reflector of growth?

What are the measures to be taken so that we can make India a developed country?

We see everywhere that Indian economy is getting better day by day. Then why is India so poor at the global hunger index?

Can we build bridge between Poor and Rich through education?

What is India's problem, unemployment or unemployable youth?

What factors are responsible behind continuously increasing unemployment rate beside the fact that Indian economy is growing at fastest rate in world?

Who is responsible if there is a shortage of jobs in the country?

Why in India some people show their affection for Pakistan by disrespecting India?

What are your views on India surpassing China and becoming the most populous country in the world by 2024 as per UN's Population Division projections?

Is the world in poverty except for the rich?

Is it true that students in developed countries get more opportunities to reach their goals as compared to underdeveloped countries?

Is India turning into a jobless country? It has been 1 year 10 months since I completed my BTech EE and I am still unemployed. I have just relocated to Pune from Kolkata 7 days ago for job searching but I am not finding any hope of a job.

What's the reason for rising unemployment in India?

Why do people crying about unemployment in India can't get private jobs?

Can any government solve 'Unemployment problem'?

Why does the current Indian government refuse to be accountable for the widespread unemployment in India?

What can be done to make Indian youth more employable?

How can India's agricultural markets be integrated?

What measures should be taken to improve the situation of fundamental rights and duties in India?

What is the smallest improvement India could make that would give the biggest impact in your opinion?

Why doesn't India take action against the UK as it's providing shelter to corrupt Indians like Mallya and Modi who has looted money of common citizens?

What is the best and easiest way make any country developed?

How did we develope people's thinking on developing countries like India?

When will India be a developed country?