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Review by bapaul13 -- India in Chaos, Only Judiciary can...

Review of the Book. India in Chaos.By KC.Agrawal
This is an updated and enlarged version of a previously published book in the name of" India in Shambles: Only the Judiciary can Save Us”. The book which is of 529 pages named India in Chaos, by KOMAL Chandra Agrawal is a humble submission to the Honorable Judiciary of the Republic of India, says the author. Forward of the book has been written by Justice M.N. Venkatachalam, former Chief Justice of India, and prologue has been written by Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, another former Chief Justice of India. Preface has been provided by Ram Jethmalani, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India.   Read More

Review by farheenahvi -- India in Chaos, Only Judiciary ...

The book is very well provided with verifiable facts, and has plenty of examples to bring the point home. While maybe a little too futuristic, the solutions too, aren’t impossible. K.C. Agrawal is a man ahead of his time, with such revolutionising concepts as city centres that would prove remarkable for India, if implemented.

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The book is well researched representation of the country’s Fundamental laws and road maps to modify India into a compelling and flourishing nation with the help of right governance. Consistent failures for the past 70 years of our Legislature, Executive and Judiciary have been highlighted. It is an all-inclusive diagnosis of India’s deteriorating conditions and the path that should be taken to surmount it. The book also furnishes an unparalleled possibility to transform the nation by forming Governments that are highly concerned with human sufferings and sure-footed of executing the ‘basic objectives’ of the Constitution as it demands. The book is an extraordinary illuminating chronicle with the author’s basic intent to eliminate the misuse of power by the people instated with it. Our country can only evolve out of these shambles by protecting the cardinal rights of the impoverished and neglected sections of our population. Mr K.C. Agarwal has thrown lights upon matters how the improper implementation by the judiciary has become a norm in the country along with the measure to overcome these shortcomings in our system. Retaining equality in all area is what the book portrays. The target audience of the book here is every Indian hoping for a better India.

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I really liked how the last chapter of this book is a call to the people and officials to follow the Constitution. It's straightforwardly stated that with the concept of "City Centres" there exists the possibility for India to become one of the most prosperous nations ever. Those who make it as engineers and scientists already provide many opportunities for India and its people. Many others can experience these possibilities with a more humanitarian and sensitive system in place. I really liked that there was an index at the end as well as definitions for the terms that were used throughout the book. This gave me an even better understanding of the book's content. The newspaper clippings make this book an even more personal read. It drives home the point that everything that was talked about in the book is real and is currently happening. There really is a humanitarian crisis going on in India, and the judicial truly does have the potential to intervene and make matters better. Those clippings truly helped to support all the arguments in this book

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