K C Agrawal

05 Feb, 2019 at 1:40pm

4.Q? How can we control India's overpopulation?

Let us first discuss the catastrophic consequences of voraciously rising population in India.

Congestion, crowds, dirt, filth, rising pollution and depleting environment, lack of space to dump daily garbage have become a daily menace of our lives. It shall not be long when people may be trapped under the debris of their own garbage and compelled to endure the daily shortage of water, power, and traffic congestion and so on. The maladies are unending.

We must contain our rising population to a safe level. I envisage to bring the mammoth population of India down to a manageable level of about 80 cr in 100 years. Please refer the book to know How?

Global Warming a Consequence of Rising Population
Rising Global Warming is an indirect consequence of huge population of the world. Higher population causes higher global warming due to rising power consumption due to rising needs of more families; each needing houses, hospitals, schools, colleges, railways and road transport system, more household gadgets, clothing and so on. Look around, everything one uses requires power to produce. All this demands for more power generating stations. More power stations means burning of more fossil fuels (coal, oil, diesel and gas) and emitting more greenhouse gases; resulting in more global warming.

Population therefore, is a conspicuous indirect cause of rising global warming and must be carefully understood by all the people of the world to control the same to a safe level. To know more please refer the book.

K C Agrawal - Author, ‘India in chaos, only Judiciary can Save’