Submissions (PIL’s) to the Supreme court of India
For Essential Electoral Reforms
To, The Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court of India

Justice Khanna is renowned for his courage and independence during the period that has been called the darkest hour of Indian democracy,
during the Indian Emergency (1975-1977) of Indira Gandhi.

My submissions dated 24/11/2018, 31/01/2019 & 17/02/2019 for electoral reforms for the general elections, 2019

Why Electoral Reforms:

Encouraged by the steadfast pronouncement by the then CJI, Hon’ble Mr. Deepak Misra on 26/11/2017 that Judiciary shall ensure;

  • The governments function within the Constitutional law and that,
  • Judiciary shall not permit any compromise with citizens’, ‘fundamental rights’.
  • Also, by the then Hon’ble President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and Hon’ble CJI Mr. JS Khehar propounding for strong electoral reforms (TOI 19/04/2017).

These assurances from the Hon’ble President and the CJIs have induced great hope and confidence in the people of India. They now look in Judiciary their saviour, who shall set all wrongs right and establish responsible and accountable governances at the States and the Union to play a good mother for the suffering people and take them in her caring shelter. Stop rapid decay of the nation and provide them long eluded and never fulfilled liberty, dignity and freedom from perennial sufferings and woes of life.

Sir, my previous books and the one being presented to you now propound for judicial supremacy because, Judiciary is the final arbiter and implementer of the Constitution.

My present book is a comprehensive diagnosis of India’s maladies and their total cure. It provides a rare opportunity to transforming the nation by establishing responsible and accountable governances with the help of mighty Judiciary. People of India are looking for governments that are sensitive to human sufferings and capable of fulfilling the ‘basic objectives’ of the Constitution. Some vital ‘electoral reforms’ as noted in this petition and some more submitted in the book can surely establish such governments capable of fulfilling the basic objectives of the Constitution;

Part-3 of my book is a unique research to unbounded progress and prosperity and provides all possible road-maps and guidelines for how we can still accomplish the same and place our nation amongst the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world.

The people of India are fondly looking at the Judiciary for implementing the ‘electoral reforms ‘for providing them a good mother who can take care of them.

Author’s Latest Submission/Prayer to the Learned Judiciary:

Dated 27/03/2019

Hon’ble Sir,

  • Essential electoral reforms are vital to re-assuring allegiance of the political parties and candidates to our revered Constitution and their commitment to fulfilling the same in terms of its fundamental and inalienable rights of the people who are electing them.
  • Reforms is a mechanism for electing worthy guardians who are worthy to build the nation, rather than render people survive on reliefs and dole-outs.
  • Reforms shall protect the nation’s wealth from getting auctioned as allurement for votes? The wealth of the nation is meant for development to creating means for living and avenues for employment.
  • Sir, without the reforms, the nation for ever shall remain in debts and people under never ending illiteracy, poverty and miseries of life. Past 71 years is a cruel proof.
  • The revelation by TOI about our education system is startling (news item dt 20/03/2019 clipping attached). It is due to unabated reservations and quotas in education that have rendered India’s people semi-literate and incapable. It may be a matter of worry, how in the long term, a mammoth nation of about 137 crore people (by 2019) will be able to sustain on the illiterate and semi-literate shoulders of our people and indifferent guardians?

Sir, what legacy are we trying to leave behind for the present and the posterity?
Indifferent guardians and a Judiciary that could not stop the sinking of the nation, while the Judiciary was bestowed upon with all the prerogative powers to halt its dilapidation and save the people from their sufferings!

I therefore humbly submit to the concerned Judiciary, to kindly let this temple of Constitution and Guardian Angel of suffering people, save the nation from further dilapidation and the hapless people from miseries and woes.

Judiciary themselves have delivered Judicial orders propounding the same but these orders are never complied with by the governing guardians (Legislature and Executive), nor any Judicial action ever taken against them for this blatant contempt of court; while charities and reliefs have been galloping and plight of the people worsening.

Sir, I wish the reforms happen before the general elections, lest the nation is auctioned by political class to buy votes. I am sure the steadfast and concerned Judiciary shall rise and save the nation.

For General Knowledge to the People:

Here below we are providing the main points of the prayers, the author has made to the learned Judiciary for ‘essential electoral reforms’, to elect worthy guardians to establish responsible and accountable governments at the Union and the States.

Necessity of Responsible and Accountable Governments:

To Protect Human Rights;

“Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law.”

“Continued internal turmoil in Egypt, Syria, Libya and other nations (p.91 of my book) led to civil wars, because the world community and the United Nations ignored the rising under-current of rebellion that was building up in these countries for some years, due to poor governances”.


To smash the shackles of poverty and illiteracy of the large populace and set them free from their unrelenting sufferings and woes, it is essential that we have worthy elected guardians (Legislators) who are sensitive to human sufferings and capable of accomplishing the objectives of the Constitution (Parts III & IV).

The proposed reforms shall be judicial directives to the aspiring political parties and candidates, to governing India prudently and for the true well-being of the people. It will desist them (political parties and candidates) from any parasitic or despotic activity that is not in the well-being of the people in the long term. It shall also uphold the reverence, dignity and purpose of our Constitution and the long drawn struggle for freedom.