The mission of the author is to place the country amongst the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world to provide "Liberty and Dignity', prosperity and happiness to all our people.

The philosophy behind the mission is to identify our resources and make optimum use of them through our professionals and experts involving all the people of the land. Only a few working for the rest does not inculcate community feeling, nor a feeling of togetherness, while the productivity is extremely low.

All roadmaps and guidelines to achieving this with the unique concept of City Centres are provided in the book, 'India in Chaos only the Judiciary can save us'.

THE PURPOSE OF www.indiainchaos.com

  • Awareness to the people about their country and reasons of our failures and assuring them yes! What we have lost can still be redeemed with hard work and cumulative efforts.
  • To tell the people what is ailing the nation?
  • To address the maladies to pull our suffering people out of present Shambles/ maladies.