K C Agrawal

02 Feb, 2019 at 3:50pm


To overcome most of the maladies ailing the nation, the first and foremost is to eradicate major evils of illiteracy and poverty of the people. To address this, I will want to apply my following philosophy;

It is a universal truth that any society or country can prosper if it is able to identify its resources and make optimum use of them through its professional and experts, involving all the people of the land. Only a few working for the rest makes no sense. If we follow this philosophy, there is no reason why we shall not be able to pull our suffering people out of their shambles to a happy and glorious tomorrow.

Once the major evils of illiteracy and poverty are addressed, the eradication of other maladies like – floods, droughts, pollution, garbage and environment, electricity, health services and others shall go a pace.

Part 3 of my book provides road maps and guidelines how the same can actually be accomplished. But this can be accomplished only by responsible and accountable governments at the Union and the States. Governments that are sensitive to human sufferings and capable of addressing the maladies ailing the nation and fulfil the objectives of the Constitution.

K C Agrawal - Author, ‘India in chaos, only Judiciary can Save’